Corcoran Scientific

Philip H. Corcoran Welcome. My name is Philip H. Corcoran. I am a software engineer who programs microcontrollers, communications systems, databases, mathematical models, analytical reports and related interactive applications.

I have college degrees in computer science, mathematics, statistics and geo-information science (GIS), and I have practical knowledge of electronics. I have more than forty years of professional experience in developing automated data acquisition, analysis, reporting and control systems.

I work as a contract software engineer for a test equipment company in the Massachusetts North Shore area. A full-career version of my professional resume is available at

Corcoran Scientific

Corcoran Scientific is my part‑time hobby business for discovery projects focused on microcontroller‑based electronics. I design and program electronic devices using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and advanced programmable technologies. I offer free advice to help innovators develop practical project plans, and I provide professional programming and prototyping services.

Corcoran Scientific is a part-time hobby business:

► I cannot accommodate urgent requests. I work on Corcoran Scientific projects during my leisure time.

► I provide free assistance with discovery research and electronics design, since that is my hobby.

► I charge professional rates for software development, since that is my occupation.

Data Acquisition

Data Analysis

Data Reporting


Technology Specialties

Discovery Research

Discovery research is my name for the process of developing practical project plans. Innovators often come to me with general ideas about what they want, but with essential details yet to be worked out. Before the cost and expectations of a project can be estimated, the requirements have to be written out in reasonable detail. Essential features must be separated from convenience features, and practical technology solutions must be researched. Discovery research turns an innovative idea into a practical plan of actions. Discovery research is a hobby aspect of Corcoran Scientific: I help with discovery research for free and without obligation.

Services Information

Please contact me by email at

Corcoran Scientific is a PHCSoft enterprise. Mailing address: PHCSoft, 15 Lincoln Street 383, Wakefield, MA 01880 USA. Voicemail: 339-293-7251. Updated January 24, 2021.