Corcoran Scientific

Philip H. Corcoran Welcome. My name is Philip H. Corcoran. I am a software engineer who programs microcontrollers, communications systems, databases, mathematical models, analytical reports and related interactive applications.

I have college degrees in computer science, mathematics, statistics and geo-information science (GIS), and I have practical knowledge of electronics. I have more than forty years of professional experience in developing automated data acquisition, analysis, reporting and control systems.

I work as a software engineer for a test equipment company in the Massachusetts North Shore area. A full-career version of my professional resume is available at

Corcoran Scientific

Corcoran Scientific is my hobby of designing and programming microcontroller‑based electronics. I build sensor and control systems using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and advanced programmable technologies.

My interests include:

Data Acquisition

Data Analysis

Data Reporting


Technology Specialties

Please contact me by email at

Corcoran Scientific is a PHCSoft enterprise. Mailing address: PHCSoft, 15 Lincoln Street 383, Wakefield, MA 01880 USA. Voicemail: 339-293-7251. Updated May 13, 2021.